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The slide-out 4-row keyboard and D-pad of the Nokia N have been replaced on the Nokia N with a slide-out 3-row backlit keyboard with arrow keys as with previous Internet Tablets, an on-screen keyboard is also available. The Nokia N has an ambient light sensor that adjusts the display brightness and activates the backlit keyboard. The focal length of this camera is 5. The lens, while not in use, is protected by a sliding hatch. Opening the hatch launches the camera application.

Although the 0. Pressing the power button brings up a menu to change the profile, activate offline mode a. As the Nokia N has fewer hardware buttons, it makes use of the touchscreen to display on-screen buttons, for example, to accept, reject and end a call. The N has a microphone and stereo speakers located on each side of the device.

There is a 3.

This micro-USB connector was prone to failure. The built-in Bluetooth v2.

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Built-in car hands-free kits are also supported with the HFP profile. The N also has a Note that the FM transmitter's frequency range can be extended to The device also features an infrared port not compatible with IrDA [69] that can be used to turn the Nokia N into a remote controller using third-party software. The battery life of the shipped BL-5J mAh battery in N seems very deficient and it was not able to make it through a full working day with an internet connection and call usage.

Early reports from users range from 12 hours Wi-Fi on, web browsing, video and some GPS , [74] [75] to about 2 days online but not used continuously. Nokia reported talk times are around 9 hours with GSM and 5 hours with 3G. Typical battery time for the Nokia N is around 7 hours of continuous full usage, display and Wi-Fi on. In principle, on N figures are expected to be much higher. The SIM card is located under the battery which can be accessed by removing the back panel of the Nokia N The microSD HC card socket is also located under the back cover but not under the battery.

No tool is necessary to remove the back panel. Hot swapping is achieved via a software-supported magnetic sensor which detects removal of the back cover, so the partition residing on a microSDHC card is unmounted when the back cover is removed. The VFAT partition is also available for storage but needs to be used carefully as it is unmounted and exported if a USB cable is connected to the device. Maemo 5, also known as Fremantle, is the default operating system on the Nokia N Maemo 5 is Nokia's adaptation of the Linux desktop environment for a pocket-sized device.

More than additional applications an overwhelming majority of them free to download and use have been created by 3rd party developers. Maemo uses upstart to reduce the boot time.

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Software can also be added to Debian using Maemo's chroot utility using Synaptic or apt-get at the command line , such as Stellarium or the zim desktop wiki , and this can then be accessed either via the LXDE desktop, by icons in the program manager, or by shortcuts on the desktop. In Nokia N, there is no SIM Application Toolkit available also known as "operator menu" , so it is not possible to use any services that require it. As a result, there is no support for a SIM to interact directly with the outside world and initiate commands independently of the handset and the network, making N not vulnerable to installation of malicious SIM Java applications via text messages.

Issues with various value-added services resulting from no availability of SIM Application Toolkit include the following:. Nokia often offers new N8 or E7 devices as warranty replacements for Ns. Although warranty terms and consumer rights legislation differ across jurisdictions, users have reported success in refusing those and pressing for an N in at least the EU and India as recently as August Owners who are not confident of getting an N as a warranty replacement often attempt to repair their own devices, or sell the Nokia-provided replacement to buy an N instead.

The N's proximity sensor, which is designed to lock the touch screen when the phone is against the user's ear to prevent accidental operation, locks the screen unintentionally in bright light usually outdoors when a call is placed or received. Nokia has acknowledged that it is a "hardware issue" and cannot be addressed. To unlock the screen in a phone call, a tactile unlock switch in the right side of the device can be used.

This however will keep the touch screen active and accidental operation of the phone keys in a call may occur when device is used as a handset. This issue has been blamed on the application of screen protectors, however N users without screen protectors are also experiencing the problem. The N's MicroUSB charger port is very fragile; some people have successfully fixed this problem either with epoxy glue, or by resoldering the USB port onto the circuit board.

This issue is fixable by putting something between the GSM-related chips and their shielding, though a proper fix would be reballing. It was announced in May that the Nokia N will be the last mobile communication device running the Maemo 5 operating system, which will be replaced by MeeGo. Nokia will continue to support the N with updates when necessary. While transition to the succeeding MeeGo operating system is possible, this is mainly of interest to developers rather than consumers, as it is not officially supported by Nokia.

A download of the MeeGo operating system is available, but not officially supported by Nokia. MeeGo development will not be stopped and one MeeGo device will become available in The September announcement that Intel and the Linux Foundation were abandoning MeeGo in favor of Tizen [] prompted the developer community to begin to seriously doubt the future of MeeGo on the N The Nitdroid project, which ports Android to other devices as an alternate operating system, is also available for the N A community-based project aiming to provide a hardware upgrade for the N, called Neo, began in late as a collaboration between the Openmoko and Maemo communities.

It is likely that a more modern LTE modem will also be included. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Nokia Lumia Main article: Maemo 5.

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